Saturday, 1 October 2011

Rosh Hashana Review

This was, without a doubt, the best Rosh Hashana ever!  I spent so much quality time with my wonderful family, we are blessed with health, good fortune and good friends…what more could I ask for??

So much to share…where do I begin??!?!  Regrettably, I did not capture most moments on camera – I was living in the moment and the thought did not cross my mind.

There are few times in the year when my kids get a free pass to miss school and lessons – Carlo and I are very strict on this non-negotiable subject.  But Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur (The Day of Atonement) are exceptions to this rule, and the girls were home with us on Thursday and Friday. 

We did allow Becca to participate in the Terry Fox Run on Thursday morning, so Sara and I were on our own, preparing for dinner.  She came downstairs, looked around the kitchen and asked where the matzo balls were.  She wouldn’t accept that they weren’t on the menu, and so out came Meal-Lean-I-Yumm and were started to make Norene’s Low-Fat Matzo Balls (p.373).  As I retrieved ingredients from various cupboards and the cantina, Sara gently but firmly took over the kitchen!  To foreshadow…this marked the beginning of my displacement and replacement as Chief Cook and Bottle Washer!!  The matzo balls were amazing, and Sara even indulged in taking a photo of them for my blog…thanks Sari!

Then came salmon preparation…Sara HATES fish…will not touch it, smell it, taste it…funny thing, of all 3 Bruni boys (Carl and his brothers) – every one of their first-born (daughters) despises fish – go figure!  So, imagine my surprise as Sara offered to garnish the Show-Stopping Maple-Glazed Salmon (Norene’s Healthy Kitchen, page 133-134).  Again, she took the photo for me.  J

Then it was time for Gloria Kobrin’s Lace Cookies (Lace Cookies), and surprise, surprise – Sara took over – measuring the ingredients, whisking the mixture, rolling the balls of caramel for cookies, and gingerly removing the finished products from the baking sheet to the cooling rack. 

Poor Carlo could not work (he works from home)…the cooking smells were too inviting, and I think he secretly loves the hustle bustle of our holiday kitchen in action.  Throughout the preparations, Sara kept telling me how much she loves to cook, and how she felt like Bubbie was with her when she was cooking.  What more can I say?   Mom – you succeeded in passing your love of cooking, baking and overall homemaking to 2 generations…thank you for sharing such a wonderful gift which we will treasure for a lifetime!  In fact, as my sweet teenager starts to ponder what she will do for a career one day - lawyer, nurse…- this Thursday she added Chef to her short list!

Meanwhile, Carlo picked up Becca from the Terry Fox Run and we went to Baycrest for services with Mom, Dad, Mildred and Davie.  Then we came home and Becca, Dad and I got our paper bags of bread crumbs and went down to the lake for Tashlich.  Becca – thank you s much for adding this beautiful custom to our family traditions.

We came home and had a wonderful Rosh Hashana evening!  Dad, Davie, Lena, Abby, Michael, Kate, Lily, Jack and Paige all shared the holiday with us…and I finally had my captive audience!  Want to know why I needed one?  Stay tuned – the explanation is coming in a further entry!

OK – so here is my completely unbiased meal review (let’s pretend I didn’t prepare most of it, oh yeah, I didn’t!  It was Sara this year! LOL!):

Y Chicken Soup with Matzo Balls – marvelous!  Michael even went back for seconds!
Y Lena’s Signature Salad – superb!
Y Carol’s Terrific Tsimmes – terrific! Lena took home some leftovers, loved the pineapple!
Y Rapini a l’Antoinetta – splendid!
Y Gloria’s mini potato kugels – magnificent! Officially added to our family’s traditional meal! 
Y Country Apricot Chicken – amazing!
Y Norene’s Show-Stopping Maple-Glazed Salmon – spectacular!
Y Carol’s Spectacular Standing Rib Roast….Davie says I got it – it was just like Mom’s! YAY!
Y Louise and Carol’s Honey Cake – traditionally terrific! 
Y Kate’s Abundant Fruit Platter – fantastic!
Y Gloria’s lace cookies – luscious! 

I hope that all of you enjoyed your Rosh Hashana celebrations with your families as much as I enjoyed mine.  May you have a Shana Tova and a G’mar Tov.   

For those who are not Jewish, and aren’t celebrating until Thanksgiving falls next weekend, I wish you all the best for a happy, healthy holiday, filled with good friends and family, and good food!

And to all – B’Tayavon and Buon Appetito!