Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Fantastic Falafel on Meatless Mondays

OK - I feel the need to redeem myself after my cheesecake debacle - so here are some photos of last night's Meatless Monday meal.

All the fixings for falafel night

The final product

I love falafel.  Growing up, I attended a Jewish Day School, and our "cafeteria" was catered by Mati's Falafel and Pita Shop.  Once a week our class was permitted to buy our lunch from Mati.  I can remember the growing excitement and anticipation as I waited in line to buy my half-falafel, slice of pizza and bag of Wise chips.

Once I graduated from junior high I would happily make the trek uptown to Mati's Bathurst Street storefront to buy falafel and a slice.  And funny enough, it always tasted as delicious as I remembered it being when I was a little girl.

Fast forward to 1987, and the summer I spent  in Israel.  My Sabra (Israeli-born) friends all laughed at me because I constantly ate falafel, at least one a day.  (A comparison would be someone visiting Canada and eating a hot dog from a street vendor every day of their trip).  

Mati closed up shop in the late 1990s or early 2000s, and it wasn't until we discovered Me-Va-Me that my falafel cravings could be satiated.  And then, last spring they opened a second restaurant in the north end of the city!

Now I am able to pick up fresh pita and hummus to compliment my home-made (from a mix) falafel, Israeli salad and tehina.  Give me time to get a new food processor, following which I have every intention of making my falafel and hummus from scratch!

And so, for Meatless Monday, I whipped up a batch of falafel, tehina and salad, and we sat down to a delicious, filling, dinner - which is a good thing considering my cheesecake debacle left us without dessert! LOL!

Stay tuned for a pictorial step-by-step of  home-made pizza night for Tomato Tuesday!  Until then, I wish you a wonderful day filled with fun, friends and fantastic food....B'Tayavon and Buon Appetito!