Saturday, 31 December 2011

2012 Manulife Walk For Memories

I have been blessed with eidetic memory - I have extraordinarily vivid and detailed recall of past events. 

I can still picture the moment when I discovered that something was wrong with my Bubbie Lou - a moment that, in hindsight, would clearly indicate the arrival of Alzheimer's Disease.  I was 18 years old, and visiting my grandparents in Palm Springs.  Mom and I had gone to friends for a pre-dinner "cocktail" (remember, this was the late 1980's LOL) and Bubbie Lou made an odd reference to my right hand.  I was hurt at the time but, on reflection, I recognize that she had lost her words and used the first one that came to mind. 

I can also recall the moment when I knew something was wrong with Mom...I was in Becca's nursery, rocking my new baby girl to sleep while reading a story to my then 4-year-old daughter, Sara.  I was on maternity leave and Mom had replaced me in the office.  She kept phoning me, over and over, for direction on an easy office task.  I can still remember the feeling of dread that came over me as I pushed back the panic building up inside me that something was terribly wrong.

Mom and her granddaughters (2001)
It took 4 years before anyone else saw what I did that autumn morning of 2001, and another year after that before we finally received medical confirmation that my mother did, indeed, have early onset Alzheimer's Disease ("AD").  What a shame that we were not able to do anything sooner...perhaps if we were, Mom would be with me now, helping to record her memoirs. 

It is for this reason, as we bid 2011 adieu and look toward a new year with hope and anticipation, that I am asking you to take a moment and make a difference in the fight against AD.

On January 28th, 2012, I will be participating in the 2012 Manulife Walk for Memories. My father, brother and I, along with our families, will be participating in this fundraising event to help find the cause, and hopefully a cure, for this horrible disease - a disease which has robbed us of our matriarch.  Please consider taking part - whether you want to join the My Mother's Treasure team and walk with us on January 28th, make a donation to a worthy cause (Support The My Mother's Treasure Team), or help spread the word and ask others to support our efforts.

Together, I believe we can make the difference!

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