Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Happy Birthday Sweet Sara

Some 15 years ago, we all sat around my parents' kitchen table and marveled at my growing belly and this little sonogram photo with a black and white profile.  What would she look like?  What would she be like?  I remember my brother, David, pointing out that she was not even here yet, and she was already the centre of attention....what would things be like when she actually arrived!?

Sara was born on a cold Saturday evening; the day after a snowstorm, the day before Superbowl Sunday, and on Robbie Burns' Day.   She was our first child, my parents' first grandchild, and my inlaws' seventh grandchild (7 - my favourite number!). 

I wakened that morning, in labour - 2 weeks early - and we made our way to the hospital.  I was so nervous that I refused to go upstairs to triage alone.  I waited until Carlo had parked the car and came with me.  Once we arrived there was no mistaking it - I was in full-blown, active labour.  We called our parents and next thing we knew they were at the hospital.  Mom and Dad arrived with sandwiches - which I was not permitted to eat - and a Minnie Mouse doll for their new granddaughter.  Then my inlaws arrived and the wait was on.  My brother was on standby in Victoria, where he was studying at the time.  Finally, at 5:39 p.m. on a snowy Saturday eve, Sara Devra Leah was born.  Sara - because we loved the name, Devra for my Baba Dora (Devora) and Leah for my Bubbie Lou (Leah).  She was beautiful and delicate from the moment she was born.

Sara's Minnie (she's 15 years old too!)

I can remember the overwhelming feeling of watching Sara's grandparents' faces and expressions when they came in to meet her.  Every one of them was overjoyed.  I remember Mom holding her...and gently stroking her fingers, commenting on how long and delicate they were - perfect for playing the piano.  I remember my someone calling my brother, who had opened a bottle of champagne with his roommate, and they were toasting his niece.

And, although much of the experience is a blur, I can still see her father, holding his new baby daughter, swaddled in a pink blanket, rocking her back and forth, utterly mesmerized by his little girl. 

My mother always told me that my girls felt like they were her own.  She said that when I became a grandmother I would understand this new kind of love, a love that was even greater than a parent for a child.  She still looks at them with pure love, and every now and then I can see that same sparkle in her eye when she looks at her girls. 

Sara with her Bubbie and baby sister

15 years have passed since our baby was born, and she has grown into a beautiful, smart and talented young woman, whom we all adore.  Tonight's dinner is all about Sara - she has chosen the meal, as is the tradition in our family.  Her only request was that I make her a dinner like her Bubbie would have made her.  So, we will have:
  • Squash soup - Mom loved making soups
  • Baba Dora Salad 
  • Mom's Spectacular Standing Rib Roast 
  • Potato Knishes (Norene's Hot Potato Kisses, Meal-Lean-I-Yumm, page 57)
  • Auntie Nora's Asparagus Vinaigrette (recipe to follow in short order!)
  • and for dessert: Buddy the Cake Boss' Vanilla Cake with fresh strawberries & cream and a Vanilla Icing

Sara and her Bubbie
Happy Birthday my Sweet Sara...

Buddy, the Cake Boss' Vanilla Cake (with a whipped cream & fresh strawberry centre - yumm)

Until next time, I wish you a wonderful day filled with family , fun, friends and fantastic food!  B'Tayavon & Buon Appetito!