Tuesday, 3 January 2012

To Quote Norene Gilletz: Memories, misty water-colored memories..of the way we were

As Sophia from Golden Girls would have said: "Picture it, Richmond Hill, 2012".  Ironically, the actress who played Sophia also succumbed to the horrible disease which has overtaken my mom - Alzheimer's. 

But, I digress....Picture it, Richmond Hill, 2012.  I am sitting in the family room with Carlo, munching on cherries and watching the hockey game - actually, he's trying to watch the game and I am busy surfing the net and various genealogy websites for Romanian Jewry,and then I see it!  A post from Norene about a blogger...and it hits me!  It's the article Ellin wrote and the video that she shot last Wednesday!  I gasped, which usually irritates Carlo, and this time was no exception (I tend to gasp a lot when I come across something - online or in print - that resonates with me).   But then I told him it was Ellin's article and video, to which he promptly grabbed his glasses and we settled in to watch Mom's story unfold on my computer screen.  At the same time, the phone rang and it was Aviva - one of my dearest friends - who was also on shpilkis, having just read the post on Norene's Kitchen. 

So we watched the video,and then called the girls to come and watch with us.  Carlo and I marvelled at our beautiful daughters, and my beautiful mother, and just basked in the wonderful feeling that comes with knowing that her legacy lives on, not just in cyberspace with my wonderful friends / fans / supporters, but also in my friend Ellin Bessner's heartfelt, exceptionally written article and video report.

Once again, I can't help but to count my many blessings...and to take a moment and thank the people who inspire me to keep this blog going...
  • my daughters, who are the reason I started this project, and are my reason for everything
  • my husband, who supports me every step of the way, taking photos of the dishes I prepare, and faithfully reading every post, and encouraging me to keep writing
  • Dad and Davie, who have embraced the blog and give me licence to write about their lives along with mine
  • Norene, for being so kind to me, repeatedly promoting my blog in her Facebook group, and believing in me enough to make me believe in myself
  • Aviva, for listening to me babble on and on about the blog and what I can do to improve it
  • You - my readers - I am inspired by the climbing number of page views, and realizing that I am connecting with people around the globe, and strive to write better, more engaging posts
But mostly, I need to thank my mother - who gave me life, and taught me to love and embrace it to the fullest.  The only thing I wish for on this cold winter's evening, is that she were well and sufficiently cognizant to share the experience with me. 
I wish you a wonderful night, filled with family, fun, friends and fantastic food.  B'Tayavon, Buon Appetito and Sweet Dreams...