Friday, 16 March 2012

March is Media Month!

I always try to do things for the right reason - acknowledgement, attention & accolades are not what drive me.   Awareness, on the other hand, is fantastic!!

My bird's eyeview of the 2012 Walk for Memories

This is a lesson that Carlo and I are teaching our children as well.  For as long as I can remember, we have volunteered for causes that are important to us, and made an effort to include our children in them too.  We participate in various walks - Walk for Israel, Run for the Cure, Walk for Memories - and volunteer our time and effort on different councils and committees.

We attended the Walk for Memories on January 28th, 2012.  The excitement was in the air.  Media was everywhere, and photos and videos were being shot all around.  At one point a photographer came up to us and started photographing Becca tying the memories shoelace on my finger.  It was a cool, fleeting moment.  We never saw the photograph.  It was not in the papers that we could see.  Oh well, that was not the reason we went anyways.  And life went on. 

Last week (is it only a week ago?!?!) I met with Joan and Marija at Alzheimer's Society of Toronto for the taping of the e-learning module.  Afterwards, Joan and I perused their website.  I discovered a blogger who, like me, is documenting her journey.  I discovered the Walk for Memories online album.  Over the weekend I took a few minutes to view the album - and there was Beccaloo's picture!  So exciting - I blasted it on twitter and MMT facebook.  The end....or so I thought.

Today I opened my e-newsletter from the Alzheimer Society of Toronto - and there is her photo!  So, please - go check out one of my two cuties, and take some time to read about all the exciting programming and wealth of information listed in their newsletter.  What the heck - subscribe to it and stay informed!

I had better get ready for work now.  So, until next time, I wish you a wonderful day filled with family, fun, friends and fantastic food.  B'Tayavon & Buon Appetito!

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