Friday, 9 November 2012

Chicken Salad on Brown, Toasted - A Mom Memory Moment

Good morning everyone!

I am sorry I am not blogging as often - life seems to be getting busier all the time, and at the end of the day I flop into bed (not to mention the fact that my old eyes just cannot bear to look at a computer screen past 8:00 pm anymore!).

So I was thinking...there are many Mom moments that I would love to share...short and sweet anecdotes about Mom, me, us...when I was growing up - moments that are usually connected to food in some way, shape or form.

And so the "Once Upon a Time  Mom Memory Moment" post is born... short & sweet stories about "vat vas, vas"...

I was perusing my Facebook news feed earlier today, when I came across a photo that stopped me in my tracks - it was the creamiest, thickest chicken salad sandwich I had seen since I was a young thing in the early 1980's.

Below is my post from My Mother's Treasure (Facebook), with a link to the recipe from "Sharing Recipes".

When I was a tween and teen I spent many school vacation days working at my parents' office. Mom and I would go across the street to "111 Avenue Road" where there was a little family-owned and operated "diner". We would both get the chicken salad on brown bread, toasted, with lettuce. It was the most delicious sandwich I'd ever tasted and I looked forward to those lunches with Mom.

111 Avenue Road has long since closed down, and I have never managed to replicate their chicken salad...but this sandwich looks like it may bring me closer to the recipe...doesn't it look amazing!?!