Thursday, 13 August 2015

The Water Tower - A Mom Memory Moment

Mom's Water Tower 
(Ironically located at the top of my street)

Mom was already presenting signs of what was then termed "Mild Cognitive Memory Impairment"  when she and Dad moved into their condo.  She would fixate on what I thought were the strangest things, and tell me about them over and over again.

One of these things was "my water tower".  She would call me often to tell me that she was looking out the window of their condo and could see my water tower.

I would tell her the tower wasn't really that close to where we lived, but OK, we'll call it my water tower, after all, it seemed to bring her comfort and make her feel that much closer to me.

Fast forward 10 years.  We now live in Aurora, and the water tower is 1 block away from our house, we can see if from our front windows, and various areas in and around our home.  I guess that's what they mean by bashert (meant to be).

And now my mother has died.  Since losing her,  I spend a lot of my quiet time in our backyard.  The other day I looked up and realized that I was staring directly at the water tower.  Only now it is Mom's water tower, and it brings me comfort when I look at it...somehow it makes me feel that much closer to her...funny how life has a way of bringing things full circle...

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