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Welcome to “My Mother’s Treasure”. 

I started this blog on July 9th, 2011, almost 5 years after my mother was formally diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease and, unbeknownst to me, 4 years and 8 days before she would be taken from us, on July 17th, 2015.

I discovered, as I embarked on this "journey of discovery" as I dubbed it then, that beyond unearthing delicious family recipes and recording treasured memories, I was documenting a road travelled by so many others around the globe...people could relate to our family's experiences: the joys and sorrows, triumphs and setbacks.

As Mama's disease progressed, and we descended further into the abyss of Alzheimer's, our readers started walking alongside us, sometimes sharing their own stories with me.  And so this blog evolved, taking on a life of its own.  It became a record of the Alzheimer journey, documenting the loss of one matriarch and the emergence of her reluctant successor.

I still share recipes, and stories - with my mother's passing there is a renewed sense of urgency to get it all on paper for the next generation - but I also try to share those things I lost when Alzheimer's ravaged my mother - the feelings, the thoughts.  Because now, more than ever, I wish I could ask her how she felt as she faced life's challenges...I long for her words of wisdom...words I took for granted would always be available to me, but are not.  

What follows is my original welcome message, written when I started this blog in 2011.

Though she is still with us in body, Alzheimer's has stolen my mother away from us far too soon, before she could organize her memories and stories for her grandchildren and the generations to come.  I intend to build that legacy in her place, using her personal, handwritten recipes and those of her mother, grandmothers, aunts and family friends. 

That is why I’ve started this blog - as a tribute to my beloved mother, who instilled her love of homemaking, cooking and baking in me and my daughters.  So...I guess that makes me a daughter embarking on a journey to rediscover my mother, through her treasured cookbook – that belonged to her mother before her – which is filled with recipes dating back 2 and 3 generations.

Here is where you come in...I am trying to build a following for this blog.   Please peruse "My Mother's Treasure" and, if you find it interesting, please consider joining me on this journey by publicly following this blog, and please recommend it to people you know who you think might be interested in it as well.

B’Tayavon and Buon Appetito!

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