Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Mom's Garden...and a Mother's Day Update

Mother's Day Lunch...the finished product

I hope everyone enjoyed their Mother's Day...we sure did!  Of course, as always, I packed too much into my morning, and humbly admitted that Carlo was right on the money when he suggested I push back my visit to Mom to the afternoon.  I spent the morning cooking and baking, and loved every minute of it.  Even better, when we came home from Hebrew school, swimming and baseball, everyone loved the meal!!

My beautiful urns

But let me take you back a step or two...I drove into driveway after picking up the kids to discover brand new hanging baskets of yellow tuberous begonias (my all-time favourites), and 2 large black cast iron urns for my new hobby - gardening!  Happy Mother's Day!!

Yellow tuberous begonias...aren't they lovely?

You see, I have decided it is high time I learned how to garden.  Carlo is taking me to the nursery for the May 24 weekend, and I get to select all the flowers for "my" urns!!  Now comes the hard part - choosing!  I am trying to recreate the gardens of my childhood, and digging deep into my memory to recall those plants in Mom's garden that I loved...

I can remember cuddling with Mom on her bed in my childhood home...she would look out her bedroom window and gaze lovingly at the old maple tree at the foot of our driveway.  She loved that tree.  In fact, she loved all the nature around her.  She would marvel as spring sprang and the buds appeared on all the trees in our front and back gardens.

I never understood the pull these trees and flowers had on Mom, but lately I find myself staring out the kitchen window at our beautiful maple tree (which, by the way, Mom loved) and I  take such pleasure in watching the buds pop up all over our tree.  I tell myself to appreciate the beauty of these moments, because before we know it summer will be upon us, the tree will be in full bloom, and the buds will, once again, be nothing but a sweet memory.  

Our maple tree

This year I am driven to marry Carlo's beautiful backyard garden with the garden of my childhood.  I remember Mom taking me around our backyard, showing me the lilac trees (mauve and white), the lily of the valley, and especially the bleeding hearts bush.   I want to bring that garden back to life....and Carlo says yes!!  So this Victoria Day Weekend we will be planting bleeding hearts bushes (Bubbie Gertie's favourite) and lining our garden beds with lily of the valley!  I cannot wait for next spring, when I look outside and see our maple tree AND the lily of the valley and bleeding hearts all blooming.   But what plants should go in the urns?  Stay tuned for that update - next week!

The arbor Carlo & Richard built ...that window was
my only request, and took the most work!

One of his gardens...waiting for flowers!

More of  Carlo's beautiful landscaping

In the meantime, I will stick with what I know - cooking and baking, and pull out a recipe or 2 from Mom's cookbook to officially welcome the Spring weather...any guesses what kind of dishes they might be?  I invite you to share, or leave a suggestion of your own, in the comments below.

Until next time, I wish you a wonderful day filled with family, fun, friends and fantastic food.  B'Tayavon & Buon Appetito!

PS - Mom LOVED the cheesies - really, she did!  She managed to take my hand in hers to guide the cheesies to her mouth (I guess I was falling down on the job!)...