Monday, 24 February 2014

A&W - A Mom Memory Moment

It's so weird how something so benign, so simple like a fast food restaurant can turn out to be a recurring theme in a family....

Growing up we used to go to Regina for most vacations - I know, it doesn't sound like the ultimate vacation spot, but it was a blast for us - we had our family there, and I had my best friend Katherine just down the street.

As soon as my luggage was dropped off in my bedroom I would run into the kitchen and dial Katherine's number.  She run right over and we'd spend the remainder of my visit together, virtually inseparable. 

One of the first things we'd do was walk over to A&W on Albert Street for some fries with seasoned salt and a tall mug of cool, frosty, root beer.  Mmm.  I can taste the salty fries now!

This is the actual A&W Restaurant that we used to go to
at 4615 Albert Street (near Parliament Avenue) in Regina

This was our routine, and it never changed.  As far as I knew, there was no A&W in Toronto, and I thought it was the most amazing fast food restaurant ever.  I didn't know you could purchase seasoned salt (until I was in my teens) and assumed this was their magical secret recipe.  So A&W, Regina and seasoned salt all go hand in hand for me.

At home we even had some A&W mugs in our cupboard - 2 little ones that are still sitting in my father's kitchen cupboard to this day.  Davie and I loved having our dinner drinks in those mini mugs...forget the fact that they only held about 4 ounces of liquid - they were the coolest things ever!

Fast forward to adulthood.  Now I see A&Ws all over the GTA (Greater Toronto Area), and I have seasoned salt in my pantry, although I avoid it like the plague, being the salt addict that I am. 

Jimmy and I were talking a while back and he was telling me that when he used to come to Toronto he would find an A&W and take Mom there - she loved it, and they would have teen burgers - their favourites - together.  I never realized my mother loved A&W.  I thought it was just my thing.  Apparently they used to indulge in A&W all the way back into their own childhoods.  Go figure...

During one of our long chats, Jimmy mentioned how much he loved the A&W Teen Burger.  So, when we were out in BC to visit him in January, we made sure to bring one back to him.  And he did enjoy it!

So now, in remembrance of "What Was", every January 14th and May 26th (their respective birthdays), I will indulge in a memory moment and have a teen burger and fries with seasoned salt, and raise a cool frothy glass of root beer to my Mama and Jimmy da Guy.