Thursday, 29 September 2011

Happy Birthday David ** Carol's Spectacular Standing Rib Roast

Happy birthday Davie…Happy Birthday World!  Rosh Hashana is also known as the World’s Birthday, and today, Thursday September 29th, 2011, we are celebrating both!

We are all going to attend services with Mom, at Baycrest, and then heading off to our local lake (I love where we live!) to observe Tashlich (casting off your sins).  Chabad of Aurora explains the custom at:  Tashlich.  Daddy will lead us in this custom, after which we will return home for a celebratory Yom Tov meal.  My menu is similar to my mother’s before me, with a few minor tweaks to include some newly acquired favourites.

As I mentioned in my second-to-last entry, Mom always made her rib roast for Yom Tov and for Davie’s birthday – a tradition I have carried on.   I am proud to say that, after many years of trying, I seem to have finally succeeded in recreating Mom’s perfect roast.   

I remember being a little girl and sitting in our kitchen while my mother would ask Daddy to season the roast for her before he left for work – otherwise the spices would trigger an allergic reaction (seriously – 20 sneezes in a row was not unheard of – and nothing to sneeze at! LOL!!).  Last night Sara helped me by patting down the spices into Davie’s roast as I shook them on…lo and behold…I started sneezing!  No worries, it was far away from any food J

Although I was never fond of meat, this was one dish we ALL looked forward to…and we would vie for the coveted “ends” which were packed with delicious spices.  Mom and Dad would always give them up to the kids – and we would delightedly devour each and every mouthful with creamy (pareve) horseradish.  I think Dad is looking forward to tonight’s dinner – he bought 3 bottles for us!

Unfortunately, my mother’s attempts to share her knowledge of meat preparation fell upon my deaf ears, and now that it’s too late to turn to her, I must turn to friends for direction.  It is my good fortune to have connected with Norene Gilletz, and joined Norene’s Kitchen (an open FB group where people share recipes and ideas, and Norene regularly shares her tips and tricks with all of us.  Check out her group at Norene's Kitchen.)  Her advice to me when choosing and preparing a standing rib roast was:

Naomi, when buying standing rib roast, I ask the butcher to remove the ribs but to tie them back on. They will form a rack for the roast during cooking. Use fresh garlic, not garlic powder - the rest is fine. I roast it uncovered 20 to 22 minutes per lb at 350 F. Then I remove it from the oven, tent it with foil to keep warm and let the juices go back into the roast. Wait 20 minutes before slicing.

Mom’s recipe calls for 30 minutes per pound, probably because we like our meat well done.  B'Tayavon and Buon Appetito!
Carol’s Spectacular Standing Rib Roast
·         1 standing rib roast (whatever size fits your family)
·         garlic powder (I’m afraid to fiddle with the recipe & risk disappointing Davie if it tastes different)
·         onion powder
·         kosher or sea salt
·         pepper

Method:  24 hours before you plan on cooking the roast, rinse and pat dry.  Place on “x” of plastic wrap.  Rub all seasonings into a layer on all sides of the roast, and then tightly wrap with plastic wrap.  Refrigerate for 24 hours.  Preheat oven to 350 degrees, and place in roasting pan.  Cook, uncovered, for 30 minutes per pound.  Remove when finished and tent with aluminum foil until ready to slice.

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  1. have some wonderful traditions and recipes. I learned so much about your culture (and cooking) through your blog. Thank you...and Happy Birthday/New Year.