Saturday, 15 October 2011

Photos Update much has happened since I last posted...I have reconnected with even more family from around the globe!  I have met cousins in Argentina, Panama and the USA...we've started a Chaliff Cousins Group on Facebook, and I have managed to upload and categorize over 100 photos of Bubbie Lou's family, spanning from her parents to her grandchildren.  It took a while to label the photos, and I hope I haven't made any mistakes - Bubbie Lou and her sister Adele have an eerie resemblance in some pics!  All the photos can be found on the Picassa page on my blog...come check us all out.

Also, I see that I have some repeat visitors from Russia, France, Australia, to mention but three places!  Please leave a message on this blog, or introduce yourself on my FB Page by following my link and let me know you've "dropped in". 

Thank you to everyone who is viewing my blog - I invite you all to visit and like my facebook Page for more frequent updates!

Wishing everyone a fantastic weekend filled with family, friends and fantastic food! B'Tayavon and Buon Appetito!

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