Sunday, 2 October 2011

Running for the Cure with the Pink Butterflies

Pink Butterflies (2011)

Who are you running for?  I am running for my Bubbie Louise, my friend Anne Marie, and my cousin Phyllis T.…I am running for my daughters and myself…

At the age of 42 my Bubbie Lou had a double mastectomy and radiation therapy.  She was one of the lucky ones who survived the disease and went on to live a full life after cancer.  Out of 6 siblings, including Bubbie Lou, 4 suffered from cancer.  Out of the 4, only Bubbie Lou survived.   I am now 43 years old, and a participant in the Jewish Women’s Familial Cancer Study.  I have had routine mammograms since the age of 35.  Knowledge is power, early detection saves lives.

My friend Anne Marie is in her mid-40’s.  Today marks the third year that Becca and I will walk with Anne Marie, her friends and family, in the CIBC Run to End Breast Cancer.

Pink Butterflies (2009)

Anne Marie is a good friend of mine.  She is one of the bravest, strongest and most inspirational people I have ever met.  Despite her illness, countless surgeries and treatments, she lives life all with positive energy, remaining ever-thankful for the blessings in her world.  She fights through every day, rebounding from setbacks and forging ahead.  After a horrendous year of relapse and enduring draining and painful treatment, she has been given positive news – her relentless resilience and perseverance are finally pushing back the cancer and there is light at the end of the tunnel! 

Pink Butterflies (2010)

So today, after almost a year of holding our breath and praying for a mini miracle, it looks likes it’s arrived…and we are thrilled to walk amongst the Pink Butterflies (Anne Marie’s team) and raise money to fight the good fight and hopefully beat this disease one day.  Stay tuned for pictures of this year’s run…

Anne Marie, Becca and Naomi (2010)

If you want to make a donation to the CIBC Run For the Cure, please consider making it to Anne Marie’s Team  Donate to the Pink Butterflies.  Thank you!

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