Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Creation of a Cheesecake - Part I

If you are following My Mother's Treasure via Facebook, you will already know that last night was "Creation of a Cheesecake".  Here is my update:

I did manage to take all the photos as I made my first attempt at Bubbie Lou's Cheesecake recipe:

Graham cracker crust mixture

Cheesecake mixture

Cake base ready

Batter poured - into the oven!

Topping ready...just waiting for cake to bake and middle to thicken!

Mmmmm does that ever smell good...but can't shake that sad feeling that my cake hasn't thickened...
At one point Bubbie writes: "You may think 'Vey, will this ever thicken?' Don't be sad".  I must admit, I was sad...it looked great in the mold, and smelled wonderful.  I even let it cook an extra 20 minutes so the middle would thicken and cook right through!!

But patience is not one of my virtues.....I removed the mold too soon, and it fell apart.  (I could not bear the humiliation of photographing that jiggly mess!)

I think that the recipe was too large for my cheesecake pan, and the middle didn't cook all the way through.

My sweet family still ate it (the edges turned out ok! LOL!) and thanked me for my efforts...a special thank you goes out to my angels:
  • Becca for taste-testing it even though she was hesitant..."Mommy, I don't think it is supposed to be so juicy or warm"..."It's tasty, sorta like a cheesecake pudding"
  • Sara for finding the edges to be delicious and telling me I am the best mom in the world for trying to make her a cheesecake
So, now I am more determined than ever and I'm getting back on that horse and trying my hand at Bubbie Lou's Cheesecake recipe again!  This time I think I will buy a better mold and reduce the recipe...stay tuned for Creation of a Cheesecake - Part II. 

To see Bubbie Lou's original, handwritten recipe card, go to Cheesecake.  To find the cheesecake recipe that works, click here.

Until then...I wish you a wonderful day filled with fun, friends and fantastic food!  B'Tayavon and Buon Appetito!

PS - for the Record, although my kids do not believe me, I have made delicious, firm & fully cooked cheesecakes before, just not using my Bubbie's recipe!