Monday, 14 January 2013

Happy 70th Birthday Mom - a Milestone to Remember

Mom's 70th birthday cake

Happy 70th birthday Mom, I love you and miss you so much.

I grappled with the idea of posting this photo of Mom with Robert, one of her caregivers, because this is not the way I want people to see or remember her.  But it is the way she is, and I am proud of her, always, regardless of how ravaged she is by Alzheimer's Disease.

When you look at this photo, I hope you will see what I do, a vibrant, loving and wonderful woman who fights every day just to open her eyes and connect with the world.  A true Alzheimer's Warrior.  Then look at the picture below, it reflects the spirit of the woman trapped inside the ailing body we see today.

I remember going with Mom to visit her mother, my Bubbie Lou, at the Pioneer Village nursing home in Regina, some 18 years ago.  She was in much the same condition as Mom is now.  I felt so sad for them both - Bubbie Lou for falling victim to this horrible disease, and Mom for having to lose her mother to such a horrible disease, one that ultimately strips you of your memory, your spirit, your family, and even your dignity.

I never thought we'd be here so soon.  I often reflect on that last visit with Bubbie, and mourn the fact that Mom is now in her place, and I am in Mom's.

Today, I will go to visit her after work, I will hug her and tell her that I love her.  I will hope that my words pierce the veil of confusion that keeps her from me.  I will hope that she is happy in her moments of lucidity, and I will pray she is at peace.
Me, Mom and Davie on her 70th birthday
Mildred, Mom and I on Mom's 70th birthday

And on January 26th, 2013, I will gather together with my husband and daughters, my father, my brother and his family, and together we will participate in the Manulife Walk for Memories, and hope that the money we raise will help find a cure and save our children from ever standing in the shoes we stand in today.

I love you Joychee, and Happy Birthday.


  1. My heart breaks for you. This is said not in pity God forbid but with love. I follow your fb page and therefore your blog (because I had a loving mom with dementia), you are filled with such love for your mother and your heritage. God bless you. Your mother is lucky to have you all. Happy Birthday!

  2. Hannah - I believe that your experiences as a daughter of dementia give you insight into the path I am now walking, and I thank you very much for your affirming words. Thank you for your readership and support, and for commenting - it's nice to "meet" the people behind the likes.

  3. Hannah could have been writing for me. I echo all of her statements.


    Ruth Heiges

  4. {{Ruth}} - you always say the nicest things to me <3 xx