Friday, 25 January 2013

Sweet Sixteen ... already

Sara (4 days old)

She's sixteen years old.

Sara (age 16)

How can I have a 16-year-old daughter when I still feel like I am 16 inside?!

Sara and me, a self-portrait by Sara (age 15)

These are the moments when I wish Mom was well and I could ask her these questions, and how she felt when these milestone moments crept up on her too.

Mom and Sara (age 13)

For my 16th birthday my parents took me to  New York City.  We stayed at the St. Regis Hotel, went to Sax Fifth Avenue, and saw Cats.  We went to the Russian Tea Room and Mom excitedly spotted Van Cliburn, the famed pianist, from across the room.  It was a trip that I will always remember.
Sara (age 13) cruising in the out Dad -
she's finally of legal age and has her eye on your Alfa!

For Sara's 16th we gave her the option of a trip or a Sweet Sixteen party.  Lucky for Carlo, Becca and me, she chose the trip abroad, and off to Jamaica we went, for a memorable and wonderful week.  Thanks Sari!

Sara (age 21 months)

And now, today, she turns 16.  My beautiful little by girl is a baby no more.  She has grown into a beautiful, smart, kind and funny young woman who makes friends as easily as one takes a breath.  My sweet little angel has her wings and is preparing for take off, almost ready to venture into the world and make her mark.

Sara (age 14)

For me, she made her mark the moment I found out I was pregnant, and continues to do so every day I share with her.

Sara (age 9)

Tonight she gets a special birthday dinner, one that is made up of all her favourites: squash soup, veal parmigiana, rapini, Caesar salad, potatoes sauteed with pressed vegetables in oil, and a cherry cheesecake birthday cake to top it all off.

Happy Sweet Sixteen Sara!


  1. What a wonderful blog posting - thanks for sharing with all of us!! Happy 16th Sara!!

  2. Hello dear,
    I feel sorry for your mother must be very difficult to accept such a thing.
    Your commitment to pass on his teachings is wonderful.
    I will follow you and try to redo your recipes.
    A big hug

    1. Thank you Cinzia - both for your kind words and for following my blog. I was so excited to discover your blog yesterday - your cooking reminds me of my mother-in-law's delicacies, and I am looking forward to recreating your dishes. All the best, Naomi