Saturday, 30 July 2011

Cottage Life

So, here we are, en route to Pat & Renate's cottage, on what has become an annual Civic holiday weekend journey.  We all look forward to this getaway - each for a different reason.  While we all love the cottage life, Sara looks forward to swimming all day, lounging on the "danish" Uncle Pat bought last year, and roasting marshmallows and pink dogs (weenies) at the nightly bonfire. Carlo looks forward to building projects and chopping down trees with his brother and barbequing feasts for the family.  Becca loves this weekend because it marks her birthday...her amazing Auntie Nati always makes her a birthday party at the cottage...cake and all - so what's not to like?!  And me?  Well, I love it all.  Nati and I conjure up lots of yummy meals and snacks, swim, pull each other out of the way of falling trees (seriously...we did last year!) and explore little nearby towns.  I have brought my laptop and all the recipes to start (b)logging more, and maybe I will even get to do some baking with Stefan (my nephew) this weekend.  Stay tuned for brief updates - the only wifi I have this weekend is on my phone, and it is really annoying to type with my thumbs! LOL!  Happy Simcoe Day Long Weekend!!