Friday, 5 August 2011

Birthday Month Has Arrived!

Slumber party breakfast (August 2011)

One of our household's 2 birthday months is finally upon us!  Becca's birthday is on Tuesday and mine follows 10 days later.  But the August celebrations are not limited to birthdays...our anniversary is on Sunday, and we have many friends celebrating their special days along with us this month.  How does this tie into cooking?  Well, I still seem to find a way to celebrate with food - preferably home-made - a tradition dating back to my mother, and probably her mother and mother-in-law before her.  I'd say it's a Jewish thing, but my mother-in-love does the same...maybe it's a mommy thing :). 

Anyways, the celebratory kick off was last weekend at the cottage, with a huge BBQ - actually, 3 nights of BBQ - and a delicious "bread cake" for Becca.  Tonight we took Becca and her friends for dinner to the only Italian restaurant our children will eat at - Fellini's - because it tastes like Nonna's house.  Then we went to see Harry Potter (my first exposure ever to the story or series and I'M A BELIEVER!!!) and now the kids are all playing guitar hero and talking about my now infamous slumber party breakfast - a take off on Mom's traditional Sunday morning brunch (minus the sardines).

There is nothing better than greeting a group of tweens and/or teens with a mess of belgian waffles, whipped cream and berries, pancakes, eggs and salsa, and fruit salad - all to give them enough energy to run around outside until lunchtime, when it all starts again :).

I am still waiting for my Beloved's request for our anniversary dinner, but Becca's put in her order for stay tuned as birthday month continues to unfold....B'Tayavon and Buon Appetito!

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  1. Yay for birthday month!...for me also. :)
    What a beautiful journey of discovery and tribute to family, love and cooking.