Friday, 26 August 2011

Shabbat is Here!

Shabbat is here ¯ Shabbat is here ¯ I’m so glad that Shabbat is here ¯ Candles burning bright ¯ its Friday night, ¯ I’m so glad that Shabbat is here! ¯  Shabbat Shalom l’Ima ¯ Shabbat Shalom l’Abba ¯ Shabbat Shalom l’Mishpacha ¯ I’m so glad that Shabbat is here! ¯

Both our girls learned that song when they were in JK (junior kindergarten), and they would sign it heartily as they bounced around the house helping me to prepare for Shabbat (Friday night Sabbath) dinner.  To this day, the song plays in my head most Friday mornings, as I ponder what make for Shabbat dinner.  This week is roasted chicken , a Shabbat favourite, Baba Dora Salad (dad’s mom, my treasured Baba, is Baba Dora), and I am thinking Baba Ethel (Mom’s paternal Bubbie) potatoes for tonight.   Poor Carlo – he wanted to try this new recipe for  a whole, butterflied chicken on the BBQ, but the kids will have no part of it…they want my traditional one-pot roasted chicken with vegetables, and all the fixings!  I will do my best to blog these simple recipes later this evening.

In the meantime, oh, what an exciting time it is in our world…

Dad has gone to Israel and is visiting with our amazing mishpacha (family) in Haifa, busily researching his family further so I can start a chapter on his side of the familia, and he is getting recipes from my cousin Nina, who has to be one of the best cooks ever, always treating us to delicious home cooking when we are in Israel (there is only so much takeout our family can take!).

Carlo bought 3 cases of tomatoes, and tomorrow we start preserving for the winter – I Just had to say that for Becca, who loves the Pioneer era!   The four of us are going to my inlaws’ for a proper training session, because this is the last year we are making them there…next year in our garage!  Becca’s promised to take detailed notes, and lots of photos. 

Next week is the final week before school starts…Sara needs to finalize high school registration and Becca needs to do the same for competitive dance!  That requires my specialized chauffeuring skills… there’s still the last minute BTS shopping, haircuts, etc. and somewhere in between all of this I need to work…oy vey!!!

Why do I share my schedule?  So you understand why my blogging will be sparse, but it is always on my mind…I have so much to tell you about…my newfound cousin Phyllis and the Isaac Chaliff branch of my family tree, the exciting increase in interest and activity surrounding my blog and FB page…and take my first stab at making Mom’s pickles too!

So stay tuned, and as always….B’Tayavon and Buon Appetito!

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