Sunday, 7 August 2011

Love of Cooking...the Next Generation

As I listen to Becca play her heart out as she practices for her Grade 5 RCM practical piano exam, I am indulging in a few "quiet" minutes to myself, to reflect on my many blessings.
Today marks 16 years since Carlo and I got married.  When I think back to the hopes and dreams that carried me to my Wedding Chuppah (Alter), I can honestly say that the important ones all came true...and I am so grateful to be surrounded by my family - my husband and 2 daughters - my greatest treasures.

The celebrations were simple and minimal - just the way we like it - as we went about our normal Sunday routine - watching Daddy play baseball, visiting Bubbie Carol, relaxing together.

So what was different about today?  Becca called me downstairs on the pretense of needing my help with something.  I came down to find she had made me breakfast!   Fruit, belgian waffles and juice...simple enough, but so special to me...because she, like her older sister before her, has a love of cooking, and cooks with love.  It is one of the ways she expresses herself, and it made my special day even more special. 

So, I have no recipe for today, you'll have to wait for Tuesday, or Wednesday's review of Becca's Tuesday night birthday dinner. 

Until then, B'Tayavon and Buon Appetito!

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