Sunday, 21 August 2011


What a wonderful birthday weekend I’ve had.  Chinese food and a movie with Carlo and the girls on Friday…and dinner with my father, Davie, Lena, Abby, Carlo and the girls last night…what could be better? 

I wakened this morning on a mission to discover more about the Chaliffs (Bubbie Gertie’s family).  So, while Carlo was playing baseball, and the girls were sleeping in, I started researching through Jewish Genealogy, and Google.  All of this is noted in my last blog, from this morning. 

I then put the computer away, and took the girls to the mall for an afternoon of back-to-school shopping and dinner at Nonna’s.  We didn’t get home until 9:00 this evening, and I decided to check my emails and clear my inbox tonight – tomorrow is going to be a crazy, busy day at work! 

What did I find in my inbox?  4 messages from Isaac Chaliff’s brother’s descendants, my cousins, looking for their long-long Canadian connection!  I will share more information as it surfaces, but this was too exciting to leave until morning. J