Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Latkes...What's Not To Love?

חנוכה שמח
The Holiday Season is in full swing...parties everywhere...Christmas and holiday music on the radio and in the stores...decorative lights on the houses and a crisp wind in the air...it is hard not to get in the spirit of things...

Below are links to a couple of Chanuka songs to get you in the mood...

Growing up, we celebrated Chanuka (so many spellings, so little space).  I can still picture the whole family gathered around the table in our cozy kitchen, grating potatoes & onions, while Mom and my Aunt Freda (Dad's sister) fried up the latkes (potato pancakes/fritters).  My cousins helped me and Davie grate mountains of potatoes and onions, making sure no fingers got added into the mix!  

The smells were intoxicating...and the latkes were out of this world - so delicious.  It was an agonizing wait for the whole batch to be ready - and there was no way you could nibble on them beforehand (there would be none left for dinner!).  

We would sit down to dinner with a huge platter of latkes, a bowl of sour cream and another of apple sauce.  We did not mix meat (fleishik) and dairy (milchik), so there was never any meat served with our meal.  Perhaps a salad was included, but I don't think anyone was really interested in anything more than Mom's luscious latkes.  

Some years we would celebrate the holidays in Toronto, but more often than not, we would be in Regina, with Mom's family, gathered in Bubbie Lou and Zaida Bernie's house, preparing the feast there.  The latke recipe I will make tonight has been passed down from Bubbie Gertie, who undoubtedly learned it in her mother Clara's kitchen over 100 years ago.  As always, I would encourage those wanting to learn about Jewish  holidays to consult Chabad Aurora.  To learn more about Chanuka, click on חנוכה.

Stay tuned for our latke-making pictorial to be posted later today, along with our family "recipe" (if you can call it that, it's all about a dash of this, and handful of that, and a splash of something else for good luck!).  Chag Sameyach (translates: Happy Holidays)!

Until later today, I wish you a wonderful day filled with family, friends, fun and fantastic food!  B'Tayavon & Buon Appetito!

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