Saturday, 14 January 2012

Bubbie Gertie's Lemon Cake - Happy Birthday Mom!

Funny, the things you recall  years after the fact.  My mother would tell me how she loved Bubbie Gertie's Lemon Cake.  I cannot remember her making or serving the cake, just telling me that she loved it.

Bubbie Lou's handwritten recipe

When I started perusing all of Mom's recipes last summer, I found the Lemon Cake recipe.  I cannot explain how or why, but for some reason, when I try one of these recipes from yesteryear, I really feel the hands of my matriarchs are resting upon my shoulders (thank you Donna, for this lovely phrase), and am comforted by the sense that they are with me as I prepare the recipes they once  lovingly prepared for their families when they were my age and at my stage of life.

So, even though I am was not a fan of lemony cakes - I decided to venture into the cooking unknown and make Bubbie Gertie's Lemon Cake.  Wow!!  As it baked, the smells wafting from the oven were tantalizing...and I counted down the minutes until it was ready.  It popped out of the bundt pan with ease and was beautiful!  Then came the moment of truth - I cut a piece and handed it to my in-house taste-testing crew - they loved it!  I decided to taste it myself.  One slice just wasn't enough!  It was light, fluffy and flavourful, with a just a hint of lemon! Mmm Mmm Good!

I have since prepared it in cake and muffin form, with minor adaptations - Sara is not a raisin fan so I use   craisins in my recipe.  I recently whipped up a batch in muffin form, and took one to Mom...she loved it, and smiled at me as she ate it.  I would like to think that she knew what it was, and that her smile reflected her happiness that I am keeping her traditions (loving cooking and cooking with love) alive.  Either way, not a morsel was left on her plate!

Today is my mother's birthday.  What do you give someone who cannot read, operate simple electronics, read or independently initiate activity?  I am hoping that this cake and a long visit will bring a smile to her face.  I will let you know!


After I left you, I went to bake Mom's cake, and then decided to bake a second cake for our family too.  The following is a pictorial step by the of the cake-making process.

Creaming margarine and brown sugar

Beaten egg

Blend egg with margarine and sugar

Add sour cream

Combining dry ingredients before adding to mixture

Don't forget the craisins

Pop them in the oven

Mmmm - the finished product!

Once the cakes were made and cooling, we rushed to eat a bite of lunch, get ready, videotape Becca playing piano for Mom to watch, and meet Dad.  What follows is a sample of Becca's music arrangement.

Mom was quiet when we played the videos for her, but just kept looking over my should to where her girls were sitting.  I would like to think she was pleased that the love of piano has made it to the next generation.

I know I am a proud Mama, but I think she is wonderful!   When she plays, I close my eyes and it feels like I am listening to my Mom again...oh what a nice feeling...

Anyways, Mom looked good yesterday, and was so happy to see us.  There were celebrations for her at lunch and dinner as well, but Mildred tells me that she still remembered our visit hours after we'd left!  Dad brought her the most beautiful orchid (pictured below), and she just enjoyed being with her family.  She snuggled on the bed with a granddaughter nestled on either side of her, and called them "dolly".  That was a moment that brought us all a little peace and like it used to be. 

Mom's Orchid

Thanks to my FB friends and acquaintances who sent Mom birthday wishes...and until next time, I wish you a wonderful day filled with fun, friends and fantastic food!  B'Tayavon & Buon Appetito!